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Seasons and Business

Sitting and looking out at leaves dropping to the ground whilst feeling those autumnal chills in the night air got me thinking about how Seasons slowly blend from one to the other in a never-ending cycle of birth, growth, maturity and death which, in turn, fertilises the ground for the next cycle to begin.

It occurred to me how many businesses follow these same patterns and, in looking back at my own business efforts, I came to see how the ‘Seasons’ played and continue to play an important part in the cycles of activity that occur.

Let me explain. When I first conceived the idea of creating and providing Business Workshops and consultancy services it was Autumn.

I remember noticing parallels between how some aspects of my work were falling away, whilst, at the same time I had a strong pull towards a new yet to be discovered path.

I remember spending most of the Winter months researching and planning how my concepts could be brought to life as well as writing many of the core materials that would become the backbones of the Workshops I intended to deliver.

In the following Spring I reached out, like the new shoots of a plant or limbs on a tree, to people who might use my services and/or who could offer potential strategic alliances to foster mutual growth. At the same time, I worked on refining many aspects of my offering (a bit like tending to the weeds and mowing the lawn) to help the garden of my business flourish from the nurturing it received.

Summer was the time of abundant work, ongoing and nurturing of the business, communicating with others and creating more beneficial relationships. Mostly, I noticed it was a time for reaping the rewards of the earlier work conducted during the preceding Spring.

As Autumn returned, I noticed a quietening in activity but at the same time a heightening in awareness of new concepts and ideas with the potential to take my business to higher levels.

I became aware of a sense of greater strength in my convictions and firmer foundations from which to grow.

By the time the next Winter arrived, I was clear in what I had to do next - researching the new concepts that had come to mind, planning the next stages of growth and writing new materials that became the platforms for the next phase of growth.

Many business owners I have worked with over the last 20 years have wondered why their business journeys haven’t worked out the way they dreamt.

In discussion, many quickly see how their business mirrors this garden analogy and that the fruitful garden they desire will only pay them the rewards of its bountiful fruit when it is tended and nurtured, weeded and watered, has new life brought in to replace that which naturally dies and is both loved and respected.

As Autumn takes hold, I invite you to take a few moments to reflect on your business.

What state is it in?

What areas of research and planning will most help you create the seeds to grow?

What assistance do you require to plant those seeds and bring your garden to life?

How will you best ensure you reap the harvest you desire?

If you are not sure, reach out – there are many people who can assist business owners like you with growing bountiful crops and beautiful gardens.

One of my favourites is the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) who offer low-cost assistance from highly experienced businesspeople – see

Others include the Economic Development teams at your local Council/Shire and the many programs offered by State and Federal Governments.

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