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Frequently Asked Questions


The following are the most common questions we receive regarding support form Anthony. If your question is not answered, feel free to email us using our Contact form

 01  Does Anthony provide private consulting?

Yes he does but only to a few people at any one time so he can ensure the work you do with him has his full focus and he can provide the time you might require to reach your goals.




 02  Does he work with anyone and/or any type of business?

Anthony has many years of experience working with and offering personal development and business support services.  The title doesn't really matter because everything you do is about improving your life. He has worked with people from diverse physical, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and has broad experience across many business types. He also realises the best results only come when both parties feel the relationship is right. Simply, this means he reserves the right to say no if he feels working together is not in either your or his best interests.




 03  Does he charge for his services?

Many of Anthony's works are made available free of charge - simply explore this website to find a selection of his books, podcast interviews and videos.


His 1 on 1 work with clients attracts fees that are determined and agreed based on the needs of each client after an initial complimentary interview and signing of a formal Agreement for the project prior to commencement. To arrange a time to discuss your needs simply connect via our Contact Form

  04  What do I get if I work 1 on 1 with Anthony?

Naturally, this depends on your needs but typically includes a combination of;

  • open and frank discussion to clarify needs, goals and actions,

  • tools & templates to assist with making life/business easier

  • regular access and support to help you navigate challenging situations and/or celebrate successes

  • a written report after each discussion to confirm ideas discussed and agreed action points plus an electronic copy of any tools & templates you may require to assist with work you are undertaking

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