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Our Books

Feel free to access my latest book - Piddles or download a FREE e-version copy of other books I have written below...

My NEW Book

Piddles - e-book
"Piddles" is a reflection on my recent journey with prostate cancer. My intent in writing this book is to share my firsthand experiences of prostate cancer in a human rather than clinical way with the hope it may give readers an insight into what they might experience when faced with this physically and emotionally confronting condition.
Profits from sales go to charities supporting Men's health.

"Cancer is indeed a tough opponent, and dealing with it involves a mix of emotions like fear and uncertainty. This book is a personal account of how Anthony faced and overcame prostate cancer. He doesn’t hold back: the ups, the downs, the scary moments, and the hopeful ones are all here."

Professor Michael Chao - Radiation Oncologist

Are U Ready book

The dual Resilience Australia Award winning book Are U Ready was written in response to a clear lack of pragmatic and relevant resources for small businesses to assist with planning, preparation and response to disaster.

"This book will become an invaluable aid to preparing for disaster, and as the authors suggest, it may be unique of its type. The authors have struck a good mix of personal anecdote, research findings and professional observations to make the problems real but not overwhelming. They provide detailed examples to help in working out what needs to be done, explaining what the problems are and how they may be approached. While the book is certainly a manual to guide planning and preparation, more importantly, it is a wakeup call and a consciousness raising based on the hard work and sometimes painful experience of the authors, who have shared their stories and their learning in a frank and generous way. It was rewarding for me to work with them during the Black Saturday recovery and I believe this to be a unique and valuable contribution to arise out of that painful event. I recommend this book to everyone who runs a small business or any sort of enterprise that is worth protecting from destruction."


says Rob Gordon Ph.D.- Consultant Psychologist in Disaster Recovery

Entrepreneurial Heart Book

Entrepreneurial Heart was written to show HOW young people were rising to the many challenges our world faces.


The book records the desires and motivations of eleven ethically driven  young entrepreneurs and provides some clear insights into the passion, clarity and purpose of these truly amazing individuals.

Our 11 contributors are;

  • Akshaya Borkar from the Art Collective in India

  • Al Jeffery founder of Base

  • Carly Evans from Perth, WA

  • Dan Thomas of Image Doctor in Sydney, NSW


  • Manish Azad of Fitness Freaks in Melbourne, Vic

  • Phil & Janelle Sherrard creators of BinSpring from Perth, WA

  • Ryan Ebert of PHW (Productive Healthy Workplaces) Group

  • Shai Wolter from Sydney NSW

  • Shanley McCray publisher from Houston, Texas in the USA

  • Shannon Hsu of Q2Dance in Sydney, NSW

  • Vanessa Cullen founder of Forward Thinking Design in Sydney, NSW

How do they do it Book

How do they do it? is an easily read, information packed short read that provides insight into the 5 steps for creating a successful small business.


These 5 steps are…

Step 1 – know where you are

Step 2 – know where you are going

Step 3 – decide your income

Step 4 – tell the world

Step 5 – manage for success rather than for avoiding failure

So, if you’re like many small business owners around the world, you’re probably working hard, working long hours and spending less and less time with family & friends.


It's also highly likely you're feeling stressed AND, as the demands of your business has grown, have probably felt on many occasions (or possibly feel right now) that you’re like a hamster on a wheel – running (working) hard and getting nowhere fast.


If this picture sounds or feels familiar THEN How do they do it?  5 steps for creating a successful small business might just be a simple, quick and great start to claiming your life back.

Dream to Reality Book

Dream to Reality was a book I wrote several years ago that recognises how we all have dreams about a better future but often fail to achieve them.

I take readers on a journey of self-discovery and provide a series of tools to...

  • recognise self-imposed limitations

  • take an audit of skills they have

  • identify skills they might need to create the desired future

  • get clear about their passion and purpose

  • create a plan for the future

  • offer tools and tip to stay on track

Hopefully this book might offer some insights, tools and tips to help you break free when you feel stuck in a rut or when you feel progress is as tough as plodding through treacle.



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