My purpose is to help you

achieve YOUR best.

Yes, I know it sounds cliched BUT it is the truth.


Over the last 30+ years I have had the privilege of helping 5000+ individuals

improve their lives and businesses. 


They have all shared some common challenges;

  • attempting to do everything themselves

  • knowing they needed help but hesitant about getting it

  • unwilling to listen to the counsel of others - even if agreeing with their point of view

  • unwilling to accept the challenges required to change their circumstances

  • unwilling to learn and implement new ways of doing things

Why did they consider having me provide this help?


I guess they realised my blend of practical personal development and business skills (ones I used to transition my own way through family breakdown, loss of career and depression to forge a new, rewarding and productive life) was relevant to them. 

Like everyone on the journey of self-improvement, we have to face many challenges, overcome self- harming and limiting belief systems and most importantly, accept responsibility for ALL our actions and the outcomes they create.

I now spend my time passing on these skills with the belief that you too may find something to help you navigate your journey. 

I simply offer you the opportunity of help from someone who has travelled this kind of path if you're stuck in your life and/or business and it feels like it's the right time to start making some changes. 


Simply connect with me below...

Please be aware - I only work with a few people at a time to ensure maximum results.

Anthony M Turner

Author | Speaker | Mentor


Supported over 5000 independent small businesses including four years assisting businesses impacted by disasters like the Black Saturday Bush-fires, Victorian Floods and other natural disasters across Tasmanian and Victoria.


Associated with the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS), since 2006, the Author of 3 business books including the dual award winning Are U Ready?...surviving small business disaster, a Member of SEAANZ (Small Enterprise Association of Aus. & NZ), a Fellow/Founding Director of The Small Business Institute and a past member of AITD and AIM.

Holder of qualifications in Management, Training & Coaching

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