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Crisis OR opportunity - it's your choice...

There’s absolutely no denying we’re in a turbulent economic climate.

Our newspapers, magazines and TV are full of stories about business threats, exposures of corporate, political or individual greed and the sad realities of more people facing financial ruin than ever before.

Banks and corporations around the world have been brought to task for 'bad practices' and financial predictions are so dire anyone could be forgiven for believing the economic sky is definitely crashing down heavily on the World’s head.

Is it any wonder then that many small business owners are disillusioned and fearful?

Rather than succumbing to all the doom and gloom or going into avoidance, I believe it’s important to find and embrace the opportunity which ALWAYS lies within adversity.

Sure this will mean digging deep to find the agility and strength to create a sense of recovery and optimism. Yet many before us who have lost everything in the aftermath of drought, bush-fire and flood have shown immense courage and resilience in recent times .

In any crisis, you can either part of the problem OR part of the solution...

Only dwelling on the issues keeps the problem alive. However, putting your focus on finding a solution provides both a sense of hope and a sense of traction for moving you forward through the issues.

In my work assisting businesses impacted by disaster I noticed some key elements

of their thinking and actions that help start that change process...

1. Make a positive decision - act as if you are part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

2. Speak in words that offer hope and solutions to the problems

3. Get efficient - buy or learn some of the many tools available to give you more time to do the work you love most

4. Learn from and work with others - you don’t have to know or do it all your self

5. Create groups of strategic alliances - share the load with others who can help, guide and support you along the way

Will it be easy? - probably, and in my experience, definitely not. BUT, the alternatives are not very attractive.

The key is to focus on what you require rather than on what you don’t want.

Assistance can be found in many places - a few are offered below;

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